Nestlé withdraws ‘degrading’ wife-hunt ad campaign in Morocco

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The Swiss food giant Nestlé has cancelled an online publicity campaign in Morocco after it was branded sexist on social media.

The mini-series, titled I Want to Get Married, featured five young women competing to win a husband by impressing his mother.

The first episode saw the would-be brides asked to make a dessert using Nestlé condensed milk.

Nestlé says it “sincerely regrets” that the content offended some viewers.

A number of Moroccans had lambasted the campaign, saying it was degrading and outdated to pick a wife based on her cooking skills.

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Some used the hashtag “shame on Nestlé”, saying Morocco’s women deserved better.

Historian Samia Errazzouki, who was previously a Morocco-based journalist, tweeted a clip from the series.